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April 19, 2011

Year in Review #5: Global 2010 digital camera market share according to IDC Japan

Our graphics department has just finished finger-painting the charts, so we are ready to go with this post ;-) Bloomberg Japan has posted the 2010 global digital camera market shares, as provided to them by IDC Japan. The report mentions 141 million cameras sold world-wide in 2010, which appears to be in-line with the 121 million produced/shipped among the CIPA-tracked manufacturers (see Dec-2010 PDF file) [via Imaging Insider].

In the chart below, blue is 2010, orange is 2009. The number next to the blue graph is the market share for 2010.

chart showing 2010 global digital camera market share according to IDC Japan

As you can see, Canon is holding steady, while Sony and Nikon are increasing their market share. The repor(t) does not break down the data between fixed lens and interchangeable lens cameras.

Given just a set of numbers, we obviously can't know what caused the increases/decreases, but we can certainly speculate on some of the many factors that may have had a noticeable impact on the market share changes:

+ Sony's embrace of SDHC memory cards starting with the CES 2010 Cybershots

+ the Nikon Coolpix models got more attention, partially thanks to a relentless KutcherPix campaign ;-)

+ outside Korea, judging by the buzz on the internets and other indicators, Samsung's NX series has not generated a lot of interest

+ the flooding the market strategy has not helped Fuji, the leader of the flood-the-market pack (see most cameras by manufacturer in 2010)

+ Canon's 19% leading market share translates to 26.8 million Canon digital cameras sold in 2010 (19% of 141 million). That's less than the number of iPhones Apple sold in just six months (see iPhone/flickr chart rant)

+ please note this sub-section, as the sub-heading states is Speculation/Opinion!

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