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April 25, 2011

Watanabe of Olympus says in interview E-series (single and double digit) will continue

Olympus representatives, including Akira Watanabe, gave an interview to Chinese website Tech Sina about Olympus's future plans. Computer-translation is helpful but it is hard to decipher the more nuanced comments; here are two computer-translations: Google Translate and Babelfish. [via 43rumors via Insider]

Based on the computer-translation, it looks like Olympus is now saying that the E-series (single digit and double digit) will continue forward, while the E-series (triple digit) will not. It also appears to mention that Four Thirds lens development has not ended.

This seems to contradict previous comments by Olympus representatives that everything will be eventually redirected to M43rds. It is hard to read between the lines of what was said in the interview, considering this is computer-translated, and we don't know whether the interviewers/interviewees were using human translators or whether all parties involved were fluent in the interview language so they could properly understand questions and answers and word-smith answers.

For example, depending on the answers, what Watanabe said may not be as far from what previous Olympus representatives said IF some of the future E-series are actually using the M43rds mount. Olympus so far has only released Pen-sized M43rds bodies, so perhaps the more advanced M43rds bodies will have the old E-series naming scheme. New Four Thirds lenses can still come out if they are geared towards the larger camera bodies and older Four Thirds cameras.

PS: It looks like someone may be pranking Google Translation, because "Olympus" is sometimes computer-translated to ..."Obama". In Babelfish, Olympus is sometimes computer-translated to Austria-Pakistan. Cancel the Rise of the Machines, we still need humans!

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