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April 09, 2011

Social media: Have a Twitter account as a photographer? Get added to our Photographers list

And now, time for some social media action! We used to have a list of photographers on the blog, but after the camera flood of 2009, we decidedly fell behind in updating it. So now we have a web 2.0 alternative, the Photographers list on Twitter! There are currently 400+ photographers listed there.

The purpose of this is to give everyone an easy way to check the work of a diverse group of individual photographers. So only the twitter accounts that have a profile link that is a stream/gallery/portfolio (flickr, smugmug, deviantart, etc), or a photographer's website/blog will be added.

If you have a Twitter account as a photographer and would like to be added, please send a public or private tweet to @1001noisycamera or leave a comment here or use the online contact form.

If your blog/website falls into any other category we track, (such as a photography tutorial or a DIY tips blog), it will be added to the most relevant list, such as the photography resources list (120 blogs listed there so far).

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