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April 08, 2011

Samsung Russia answers questions about the future

Forum power user "ogl" notes in the dpreview Samsung forum that a Samsung Russia representative hosted a Q&A session at the Russian forums (computer translation does not work on the page; cut/paste blocks of text by user "Samsung Photo Consultant" into computer-translator) talking about the future, saying the new NX-series cameras are coming with more megapixels (later in the year), but no weatherproof model, and there are no plans for GX (DSLR) products. The model numbers NX20 and NX200 are mentioned, presumably the successors to the NX10 and NX100.

Speaking of Samsung, and unrelated to the above, the TL350 is getting discontinued. The automated email in-stock alert at Vanns said there are no more coming from Samsung, the B&H Photo listing shows it as discontinued, and it is nowhere to be found on the Adorama site. The TL350 has a 10mp 1/2.3" CMOS with RAW and analog gauges at the top as its defining characteristics. It remains in-stock at some retailers, such as Beach Camera on Amazon for $240.

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