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April 14, 2011

Reviews Etc (Big Sensor Prime shootout, T3i/T3 D-Rebels, GF2, E-PL2, SB-700, etc)

It looks like the reviewers are not even taking a lunch break these days! More reviews are out! If you find these waves and waves of review round-ups helpful, you can support this blog by making your purchases through our affiliated retailers like

Big Sensor Primes Shootout: Fuji X100 vs Leica X1 vs Ricoh GXR vs Sigma DP1x
Japanese website DC Watch Impress has published a shootout featuring the "Big Sensor Primes", the Fuji X100 vs the Leica X1 vs the Ricoh GXR vs the Sigma DP1x. You can check it out in computer-translated and in Japanese. A number of full-size F-stop range comparison shots are included, along with a guitar ISO series. Pixel-peeing time!

+ Canon Digital Rebel T3/1100D reviewed by dpreview duo
+ Canon T3i/600D at ephotozine
+ Canon T3/1100D at ephotozine

DSLR vs Mirrorless
+ Canon T3i/600D vs Panasonic GH2 video sample comparison at EOS HD

+ Panasonic GF2 at Quesabesde (computer translated)
+ Olympus E-PL2 at Tech Radar

Fixed Lens Cameras
+ Fuji X100 ISO talk at Focus Numerique (computer-translated)
+ Fuji HS20 at DC Watch Impress (computer translated)
+ Canon Ixus 220HS at Pocket Lint
+ Nikon Coolpix S2500 at CNet UK
+ Panasonic S3 at ephotozine
+ Pentax Optio S1 at DC Watch Impress (computer translated)
+ Sony WX10 at DC Watch Impress (computer translated)

Beyond Cameras
+ Nikon SB-700 at DCR
+ Cinevate Atlas FLT slider hands-on at Photography Bay
+ lens reviews at the Lens Reviews forest

Feedback Poll: Should we drop entry-level P&S cameras from the round-ups?
We close with a Feedback poll. With so many cameras, these updates are getting longer and longer and more painful. So the question in this feedback poll is, should we drop the entry level P&S cameras from these round-ups? These are usually P&S cameras that have program mode, short zoom lenses, not a lot of features, cost under $200 eventually, and usually get replaced every 6-9 months.

Example #1: all the cameras in the "Fixed Lens Cameras" section above, except of course the Fuji X100 and HS20.

Examples to drop: the likes of Canon's eunuch A-series, Sony S-series, Pentax RS100, Nikon S2500, Kodak M-series, Fuji A-series, Olympus FE-series, etc, etc

Examples NOT to drop: Nikon P300, Casio EX-FH100, Panasonic TZ20, Sony HX-series, Kodak Z981/Max, Fuji F550EXR, etc

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