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April 04, 2011

Nikon launches new D5100 DSLR and ME-1 microphone

DSLR announcements have been rare so far this year (just four), but Nikon is changing it tonight with the launch of their new D5100 DSLR, which follows up on the D5000. The camera is already available for pre-order for $800 in body only (Amazon) and $900 with the 18-55mm DX VR lens (Amazon)

Nikon has also announced a new external microphone, the ME-1, with a price tag of 150 euro in Europe and $180 in the US market.

Nikon D5100 hands-on and previews
+ preview at d-preview with samples and comparison to other DSLRs
+ preview at Imaging Resource along with studio test samples
+ hands on preview at Quesabesde
+ preview at dpnow
+ hands-on and web-size samples at ephotozine
+ preview at Photo Radar
+ text-based preview at Amateur Photographer UK and also
+ text-based preview at WDC?
+ lots of camera body pictures at Photography Blog
+ lots of camera body pictures at Pocket Lint
+ three hands-on videos with the camera at AOL Engadget Post

Nikon D5100 presentation
+ 42 slides from the UK presentation at Photography Blog

Nikon D5100 announcement (press releases)
+ dpreview
+ Imaging Resource
+ Imaging Insider
+ Galbraith
+ Photoscala
+ DC Resource
+ Nikonians
+ Photography Blog
+ Nikon Press Center

The new Nikon ME-1 microphone (press releases)
+ Galbraith
+ Photoscala
+ ephotozine

Nikon celebrates 60 million lenses (press releases)
+ Galbraith
+ Imaging Resource

Future reactions
As the news propagates and more people read the previews and pixel-peep the available sample pictures, expect some discussion on this new camera at the dpreview Nikon forum and the FM Nikon forum

PS: Yes, the yellow background you see at the top of the page is our color-coded news-alert system: yellow for Nikon, indicating something Nikon-y happened, in this case, this D5100 announcement. We try to pick softer colors that are not as blinding as the manufacturer color schemes :)

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