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April 20, 2011

New Samsung ST93 P&S camera and W200 elementproof camcorder stick

Samsung has announced two new products today, the new Samsung ST93 point and shoot digital camera (16mp, 5x (26-150mm eq)), and the W200 elementproof 1080p camcorder stick, with an estimated May release with a starting price of $160. The ST93 has a UK price of 130 GBP, with no US announcement.

Samsung calls the W200 "multiproof" which may cause some to giggle at the nonsensical meaning of this word :) It is protected against "multi"? That evil "multi"!

We obviously do not have magic powers to read their minds, but it is possible that a market-savvy person at Samsung saw the Flip cancellation as an opportunity for Samsung to pick up mindshare by quickly announcing (or rather, accelerating the announcement of) a new camcorder stick (this paragraph is obviously speculation!).

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+ W200 at dpreview, CNet Asia, Photography Blog, AOL Crunch, Tech Tilt, etc

Over 500 new cameras since CES 2009
This increases the number of new cameras in 2011 to 125 among the major digital camera manufacturers, only five of which are of the interchangeable lens variety.

The totals are even crazier when you add the number of new cameras from the major manufacturers since the start of 2009: 198 + 214 + 125 = 537! (not factorial (yet))

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