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April 12, 2011

NAB round-up: Sony 18-252mm lens for the F3, 2/3" 2K camera, etc

Time to round-up some more NAB action! If you missed yesterday's round-up, be sure to check it out - it includes a new 8K Sony F65 CineAlta.

Today we have a new 18-252mm prototype lens for the Sony F3, captured at DSLR News Shooter. The lens starts at f3.8 wide. Please note this is for the F3, not an SLR lens!

On-going updates can be found at Cinema 5D, including an update on the MegaSpeed high-speed cameras, DSLR News Shooter, and Cinescopophilia, talking about the 2/3" Weisscam T-Concept 2K camera. More action at the ARC rental blog including the Schneider Xenar 95mm PL-mount lens.

For a live video feed from the trade show, from 9am to 2pm Vegas time (12pm to 5pm NYC time), check the live feed at with Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay and lots of guests. As of 1:27pm EST, they have a round table with the Digital Rebels, which actually have nothing to do with Canon but instead they are Adobe's filmmaker proteges.

At the meta level, if you want to contribute to an HD-DSLR website, Cinema5D is looking for contributors.

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