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April 11, 2011

NAB 2011 round-up (Sony shocks with new 8K F65 CineAlta (20mp CMOS))

The NAB 2011 video-priority trade show is underway, and unlike some of the other sleepy trade show websites, the NAB website includes videos from the trade show floor, along with live coverage from other websites/services, including a daily 5-hour live stream at Leo Laporte's Twit Live from 9am to 2pm Las Vegas time (12pm to 5pm NYC time). It is a video broadcast show after all :)

+ Sony shocks and awes with new super-uber high-end 8K video 20-megapixel CMOS F65 CineAlta, read more at Akihabara, "film is dead" says EOS HD, more at EOS HD, 90-second video promo of new camera at Cinescopophilia [HOT!!!]

+ Sony's new 8K video cameras using ClearVid type technology with diagonal Bayer pixel arrangement - via Image Sensors World

Videos of new product demos
+ Birger Engineering shows working EOS to NEX adapter at DSLR News Shooter
+ RedRock demos new follow focus at DSLR News Shooter and Cinema 5D
+ Zacuto demos their Z-EVF at DSLR NewsShooter
+ 20 minutes video hands-on (or rather, eyes-on) with Zacuto EVF by Philip Bloom
+ new Marshall monitors at Cinema 5D
+ Zacuto Scorpion Rig at Cinema 5D
+ new D|Focus mattebox via Cinema 5D

+ JVC shows 4K2K LSI along with two sample video cameras, press release via Camera Town
+ JVC announces new GY-HM750U shoulder-mount video camera, press release at Camera Town

+ Panasonic announces 3D twin-lens shoulder-mount video camera AG-3DP1/3DA1, press release via DC Views, Cinescopophilia
+ Panasonic announces software plugin for Apple Final Cut Pro, via Imaging Resource
+ Hot Rod Cameras shows Hot Rod Tuner kit with Cineroid EVF for the Panasonic AG-AF100

+ press release rounding up its latest gear, including the two new PL-mount lenses, via Imaging Resource et al

More manufacturers
+ new Cinevate Simplis and Grip sticks (via Imaging Resource) and Atlas FLT slider (via IR)
+ on-going updates at Cinescopophilia

+ schedule of speakers at Philip Bloom

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