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April 14, 2011

Eye-Fi will enable X2 cards to easily connect directly with tablets and smartphones (also: new 8GB Mobile X2 card)

And now time to catch up with ...yesterday's news :) Eye-Fi is trying to push the mobility envelope with storage with the new Mobile X2 memory card, and its "Direct Mode", which allows direct upload of your images from the camera to your smartphone or tablet using direct Wi-fi without the need of a 3rd-party hot-spot. This partially thanks to an upcoming free Eye-Fi app for supported smartphones/tablets (iApple and Android apps are coming up). The new card is under the "Mobile" line, Class 6, with 8GB of on-board memory.

But the biggest news perhaps is that this feature will be available to existing X2 cards. Existing cards will get this functionality with a firmware update! Obsolescence delayed! You are welcome! (insert John Hodgman voice here)

Press release parade at Galbraith, Engadget, CNet Asia, Imaging Resource, Photoscala, etc, etc, etc.

The card is available for purchase at Amazon by Amazon itself for $80 with a floating shipping estimate of "9 to 14 days".

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