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April 09, 2011

Dealer rumors: Canon 5D Mk3 and 7D Mk2 within a month

And now time for a "somebody told me" rumor! This dpreview forum user is very convinced that his trusty camera dealer really knows that a Canon 5D Mark III and a 7D Mark II will be announced within a month and will begin shipping in the summer. Please note this is a rumor, and as usual, only time will tell!

The 5D Mark II (reviews, diary) was announced in September 2008, while the 7D (Mark I) (reviews) was announced in September 2009. You can check the "age of DSLRs" (sounds like a video game waiting to happen?) at our most recent Age of DSLRs chart-a-thon (these charts are live, they "age" over time, but because of the scale you can't see changes on a day-by-day basis).

The 5D Mark II came three years after the original 5D, so we have some frame of reference there. On the other hand, the 7D was the start of a new line by Canon, so we don't have any past data - will it be refreshed more frequently like the other $1000+ APS-C DSLRs or less frequently like the 35mmFF?

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