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April 25, 2011

Canon "wins" Australia for 2010 (top DSLR, P&S and overall market share)

Market research firm Gfk Retail has announced (see press release at Imaging Resource) that Canon "won" Australia in 2010, winning both the DSLR and the fixed-lens camera segment, and thus, the overall Australian market as well. In typical Canon fashion, their "value share" (value of cameras sold) is higher than their "market share" (number of camera units sold), one of the reasons Canon often has "prettier" quarterly earnings than other manufacturers.

The Gfk data does not include online purchases - I am not familiar with the Australian online camera shopping market, so I don't know how those sales would affect the totals if added.

New derivation from last week's IDC global data: Sony #1 in fixed-lens cameras globally in 2010
As you may recall from last week, in the IDC global market data for 2010, Canon scored a big victory over Nikon in DSLRs, and managed to fend off the SDHC-powered Sony for the overall #1 (all types of digital cameras).

Detailed data were not provided but if we extrapolate based on the IDC and CIPA numbers mentioned in the two aforelinked blog-posts, we can easily deduce that Sony has the #1 global market share in fixed-lens P&S cameras for 2010.

Here's why: Canon has an overall market edge of 1.1% over Sony (19% - 17.9%), with a total of 141 million cameras sold in 2010. That's around 1.55 million cameras (1.1% of 141 million). In the DSLR/iLC world, Canon has a 32.5% edge over Sony (44.5% - 11.9%). That means if the total DSLR/iLC sales for 2010 were more than 5 million, Sony sold more fixed lens P&S cameras than Canon (32.5% of 5 million is more than 1.55 million).

Based on the CIPA data (PDF file for December 2010), nearly 13 million DSLRs/iLCs were produced/shipped in 2010.

So we can safely deduce that Sony grabbed the #1 global market share among the fixed lens P&S digital cameras in 2010. 2010 was the year they went with SDHC memory cards, starting at CES in early January.

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