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April 26, 2011

Canon financials: DSLRs steady, P&S decrease, natural disaster impact

It is earnings announcement season in the business world and today Canon has announced their financial results. Bloomberg summarizes the earnings, noting the impact of the natural disasters on the company. On the camera front, the DSLR estimate remains at 7 million units for the fiscal year, while the fixed-lens camera estimate has been reduced from 23 to 20 million (via Foto Actualidad).

If you want to put on your elbow protectors and dig into the numbers like a hard core accountant, we have two PDF files for you, both produced by Canon: 55-page consolidated results and a 28-page presentation to go with them. Note both links are PDF files but a browser like Chrome can open them in-browser.

Of camera interest, jump to page #16 of the presentation PDF file, a screenshot of which we included below for your conveniencetainment. It shows their sales and projections. In the context of the slide, "Consumer (Cameras)" does not refer to consumer cameras! Camera gear, along with inkjet printers (IJP), and "Others" are included in the Consumer division. This particular slide focuses on the camera gear.

Canon financial results and projections for 2011

At the chart above we see the increasing revenue dependence on DSLR gear. Look at the section that says "D SLR ratio*". For the last quarter (Q1 2011), DSLR gear were 23% of all Canon camera gear sold, but they were 68% of the value/revenue. That's more than 2/3rds. And the projection for the 2011 fiscal year shows that number increasing even more! DSLR gear, according to the box in the chart above, includes DSLRs (the cameras), along with lenses and related accessories.

The red box on the right part of the slide is related to what the Bloomberg article mentioned above is referring to, Canon is projecting they will be make slightly less from cameras this fiscal year compared to the previous years.

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