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April 20, 2011

Canon destroyed Nikon in 2010 global DSLR market share (YiR #6)

In yesterday's post talking about the IDC 2010 global digital camera market shares published on Bloomberg, we missed the short paragraph above the table talking about the interchangeable lens camera market shares! Oh my!

According to the global IDC numbers for 2010, Canon had a 44.5% global market share versus 29.8% by Nikon and 11.9% by Sony. The text uses the words SLR and interchangeable lens as synonyms, but when you do the math (44.5% + 29.8% + 11.9% = 86.2%), it looks like they are probably talking about interchangeable lens cameras, not just DSLRs. It's highly unlikely for the 2010 DSLR line-ups of Pentax, Olympus Four Thirds and Sigma to have had a combined 13.8% market share.

Either way, since Canon and Nikon only have DSLRs, this was an epic 3:2 ratio victory for Canon over Nikon!

UPDATE (April 28, 2011): A new article at USA Today quotes IDC quoting the Olympus 2011 global DSLR/iLC market share to be 5.1%. This leaves 8.7% to be "shared" among Pentax, Panasonic, Samsung, Sigma, etc.

chart showing 2010 global DSLR/iLC market share according to IDC via Bloomberg

The report mentions the years as 2010 and 2009, there is no mention of fiscal years. A fiscal year ending March 31st is popular in Japan, and the report came out of Japan, so that may create some confusion. However, there is no mention of fiscal years in the report, and reports that refer to time frames that are not overlapping with the calendar year typically qualify the time frame in the report. Not all the manufacturer fiscal years end in March (for example, Kodak is December 31st). Reading what is written in the text, and based on how long it takes for quarterly reports to come out, it is clear this refers to the 2010 calendar year. There is no "Soundscan" for cameras world-wide, it would be a miracle for IDC to complete this report in 15 days, before even the quarterly reports came out. However, since this is not mentioned explicitly in the text, we cross out the next sentence in this blog-post: Please keep in mind, these were purchases made during the 2010 calendar year which ended on December 31st, 2010!

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