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April 20, 2011

AmPho UK talks high-end DSLR shortage and price increases

A new article at Amateur Photographer UK talks of high-end DSLR shortages as a result of the tragic events in Japan, and price increases coming. The AmPho UK article approaches it from the UK market perspective.

Prices are already going up in the US market. For example, in the past, you could get the Nikon D700 (D-seven-hundred) body only for $2350, now, you can barely find it in-stock and as of the just-refreshed D700 stock status page, the lowest in-stock price among authorized dealers is $2800~, with out of stock prices climbing to $2700+.

The price increases do not seem to be isolated to the high-end DSLRs. The prices of the three Canon T3i/600D kits (see stock status page) have increased above the opening prices at retailers that rarely or never sell cameras above their opening prices. This despite the fact that the T3i/600D has not generated anywhere near the interest/buzz the T2i/550D did when it was launched.

As usual with a situation like this, only time will tell...

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