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April 26, 2011

Action at the Korean Photo & Imaging 2011 trade show

Not getting your daily recommended allowance of trade show action? Fear not! There is a trade show in Seoul, in Korea, the Photo & Imaging 2011! From what I understand, the trade show has now ended.

We start the action at Japanese website DC Watch Impress visiting the trade show and the booths of various manufacturers, including a picture of a white Samsung NX11. According to the computer translation they looked but could not find any signs of Bigfoot the Sigma SD1 :)

Next up, we fly to English-speaking Korean tech mega-site, where they have visited a number of booths including:

+ the website text is in human-translated English but the videos in Korean
+ 2NE1 visiting the Nikon booth; also moving studio, also hands-on with the D5100
+ the Phase One 80mp digital back
+ Canon booth and iPF6100 printer and T3/1100D video hands-on
+ Drobo booth visit
+ "Ladies Night"
+ Panasonic booth including a "circuit board" of M43rds bodies
+ Olympus P&S invasion and Art exhibit
+ Pro Finder, low-angle viewfinder
+ Cineroid EVF including a 90-second video clip and portable LED light and loupe
+ the *.bandwagon Exmor-R Android Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
+ Wacom DTU-1631, a 15.6" graphing tablet (not to be confused with the iPads/Xooms/etc)
+ underwater shooting case for smartphones
+ photographing the photographers
+ Firefly Beauty Box - Joss Whedon and Summer Glau not included
+ text-based interview with the trade show organizer, Im-Soo Lee, (in English!)
+ and many more
+ there are dozens and dozens of posts listed through the AVing home page (if reading at a later date, check their archives from April 18-24, 2011)
+ I haven't spotted any intentional or accidental leaks, but if you notice any, please leave a comment or use the online contact form.

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