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March 02, 2011

Reviews Etc (M9, A560, K-r, D3100, E-PL2, GXR P10, GH2 vs A55, etc)

Time to review some of the latest reviews! For lens reviews, please review the lens reviews box. The categories in today's episode have been twisted to fit the available reviews :) Here we go...

Proper DSLRs and RFs
+ Leica M9 revisited a year later at British Journal of Photography
+ Sony A560 string quartet review at Imaging Resource
+ Nikon D3100 at Digital Camera HQ
+ Pentax K-r at Digital Camera HQ

Neo-Mirrorless and Neo-Pellicles and Neo-Modulars
+ Initial Panasonic GH2 vs Sony A55 comparison at Serious Compacts
+ Olympus E-PL2 at CNet
+ Olympus E-PL1 conclusion at Enticing the Light
+ Ricoh GXR P10 at British Journal du Photographie

Fixed Lens Cameras
+ hands-on with new Olympus models at Les Numeriques
+ Olympus VG-130 at Photography Blog
+ Kodak M550 at CNet UK
+ Nikon Coolpix L23 at ephotozine
+ Nikon KutcherPix S3100 at CNet UK
+ Nikon DemiPix S8100 at ephotozine
+ Casio EX-ZR10 at Pocket Reviews
+ Casio EX-ZR100 at DC Watch Impress (computer translated)
+ TechRadar parade: FT3, Canon Ixus 220HS, 115HS, Nikon S2500
+ Canon A2200 samples at Let's Go

Beyond Cameras
+ Nikon SB-700 by Jason Lykins guest-review at Terry White
+ Epson Stylus Pro 4900 at Focus Numerique

+ three new Rollei Powerflex branded P&S compacts - via et al
+ new DxO OpTiCs Pro 6.5.5 - via P-Blog, ephotozine, etc

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