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March 25, 2011

Reviews Etc (X100, A55, T3i/600D, T3/1100D, SH100, LX5, etc)

Time for another review round-up! But first, we have a new segment in these round-ups. We often get carried away and act as if this is a non-profit/hobby blog, but in reality, it takes countless hours per day to do this and if it doesn't pay the bills = unsustainable. So we are introducing a new "Shop & Support" segment in the review round-ups, where you can support this blog by making your purchases through our affiliated retailers - if you found our past and present non-stop updates helpful/interesting/entertaining/etc.

Fuji X100 Launches
+ launch in France at Focus Numerique with full-size samples including f2 to f8 series
+ launch in South Africa at Photo Comment (first impressions)
+ hands-on at (computer-translated) [NEW!]

+ Sony Alpha A55 at Digital Camera HQ
+ Canon T3i/600D at Info Sync World
+ Canon T3/1100D at Photography Blog
+ Samples from Canon T3i/600D and T3/1100D at Lens Tip

Fixed Lens Cameras
+ Samsung SH100 connected camera at Camera Gear Guide
+ Panasonic LX5 at ephotozine
+ Canon Ixus 310HS at Trusted Reviews and CNet UK
+ Nikon L23 at Photography Blog
+ first look at Panasonic TZ20/ZS10 at DCR

Beyond Cameras
+ Benro Travel Angel C2691FB1 vs Benro C298EX Flip by FTH in the dpreview Nikon FF forum
+ Vanguard Nivelo 204SL at ephotozine
+ Quark AA LED flashlight at I Shoot Shows
+ lens reviews as usual at the Lens Reviews Camp

Firmware Updates
+ Ricoh has new firmware for the GXR and GRD III, via Insider et al

Who's Praising Us Nao? (Colbert-style, but no portraits)
+ Olympus XZ1 wins Red Dot award - via Photography Blog
+ Aptina's APS-C sensor is a Golden Mousetrap (?!?!) finalist - via ISW blog

Space Oddity
+ Fake Mao on "Why China can't make good digital cameras" at Digital Rev
+ Apple iPad 2 vs Canon T3i/600D at Digital Rev

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