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March 11, 2011

Pentax K-r stock status and price check

The Pentax K-r was announced in September 2010, in the run-up to Photokina 2010, and it is the "heir" to the "colorful" breakout success of the K-x.

Latest Update: Sat June 18, 2011 at 10:15pm EST - It's been over two months since our previous update, and the prices have dropped slightly for the 18-55mm kits, while the two-lens kits have gone up in price ... The coupon LOYALTY15 ($15 off $400+) at Abe's of Maine sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't, presumably depending on what other promotions are running on the camera... Due to the large number of colors and kits and the fact that almost all of them have to be "added to cart", updates for the K-r are not as frequent...

Pentax K-r stock status
K-r kitsShippingPre-Order
w/35mm f2.4 black
B&H Photo ($770)
Adorama ($770)
w/18-55 black
Abe's of Maine ($589)
Amazon ($625 by Amazon)
B&H Photo ($625)
Adorama ($625)
J&R World ($650)
w/18-55 white
Abe's of Maine ($609 w/LOYALTY15)
Amazon ($620)
B&H Photo ($625)
Adorama ($625)
J&R World ($650)
w/18-55 red
Abe's of Maine ($589)
Adorama ($625)
Amazon ($633)
B&H Photo ($633)
J&R World ($668)
w/18-55 & 50-200 black
Abe's of Maine ($684 w/LOYALTY15)
B&H Photo ($700)
Adorama ($700)
Amazon ($800 via Idaho)
J&R World ($700)
w/18-55 & 55-300 black
B&H Photo ($830)
Amazon ($830 via 3rd parties)
Adorama ($850)
Abe's of Maine (backordered)
J&R World ($900)
body only black
B&H Photo ($590)
Amazon ($590)
Abe's of Maine ($590)
J&R World ($590)
Adorama ($600)
body only white
Abe's of Maine ($552 w/LOYALTY15)
Adorama ($600)
B&H Photo ($600)
Amazon ($642)
J&R World ($653)
w/ body only red
Abe's of Maine ($553 w/LOYALTY15)
B&H Photo ($600)
Adorama ($600)
J&R World ($653)
Amazon ($681)

Some Pentax K-r accessories
+ D-BH109 AA battery holder - Amazon, B&H Photo

+ prices and availability are as of the "Latest update" date & time shown above
+ prices and availability are not updated automatically
+ EST is Eastern Time (New York City time)
+ "toos" is short for "temporarily out of stock"
+ "listed only" means the camera is listed on a retailer's website but you cannot order or pre-order it yet.
+ "bizdays" = short for "business days"
+ if no price is shown in the table above, it means it has the default price, which is shown in the left-most column, under the camera's name
+ if not familiar with any sellers, be sure to research them to your satisfaction. This is a notification service, we do not make decisions for you
+ as usual, we do not calculate S&H, sales tax and import/export taxes/availability - check each retailer's website for those details
+ your purchases through the stock-status pages help support this blog and allows us to continue operating independently, so if you find the stock status pages useful, please consider making your purchases through them

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