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March 22, 2011

Opinion Soup (artist stmts, blogs for clients, work-hard/still-suck, crowdsource, etc)

Gather around the fire, time for some ...Opinion Soup! As usual, opinions are those of their writers and both reasonable and unreasonable minds can agree or disagree ;-) For previous opinion round-ups, check the "soup" archives.

Photography-Business intersection
+ "Coercing people to work for free and then calling it "crowdsourcing" doesn't make it moral or ethical or profitable" by Kirk Tuck
+ Six photographer blogs that get it (photographer blogs designed for their clients) at Lightning Essentials
+ How to respond to a Negative Review from a client at Photo Love Cat
+ 80-minute panel discussion (Vimeo video) on copyright issues for visual artists (via Chase Jarvis)

+ "Why I don't like artist statements" by David Saxe at Black Star Rising
+ "How to work hard at photography and still suck at it" by Damien Franco at PiXiQ
+ "15 Thoughts on Composition" by Alain Briot at LuLa
+ On Flickr censoring flickr photos of Egyptian secret police by Thomas Hawk

+ "Are you a digital photo hoarder?" at Shutterfinger
+ On choosing RAW converters at Luminescent Photo
+ "I'm not quite ready ready for a post-PC world" at Photo Walk Pro
+ "iPhone vs Android - seven months later" by Thomas Hawk
+ The iPad as a tool for photographers at Photopreneur
+ "Three reasons you should be using a card reader" at Canon Blogger
+ "Options in camera equipment insurance" at Photography Banzai
+ ten overlooked accessories for fashion photography by Benjamin Kanarek

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