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March 01, 2011

New Olympus superzooms SZ-30MR (24x) and SZ-20 (12.5x)

Olympus is making two new deposits in the Superzoom digital camera bank today with the new SZ-20 and SZ-30MR. The "MR" in the title is not for Mister, but Multi-Recording. The camera can record a full 16mp still and 1080p at the same time. The SZ-30MR has a 24x optical zoom lens (25-600mm), while the SZ-20 has a 12.5x optical zoom lens (24-300mm). The sensor is a 16mp backlit CMOS in both, with a 3" LCD, and such. As far as I can tell, these do not have manual exposure control.

Thanks to the speediness of the CMOS sensor, the SZ-30MR can do a speedy 9fps at full-resolution, but only for five frames. This is in sharp contrast to the burst modes we see from CCD cameras of similar sensor size which are more "turtle" than "burst".

The opening prices in Europe are 350 and 250 euro respectively. The US market is getting the SZ-30MR for $400.

As you may have noticed, Olympus has given up on the SP-series catch-all name, and went with a straightforward SZ-series name, SZ short for SuperZoom. We are big fans of simple and straightforward camera names that are the same around the world!

This new trio from Olympus cameras increases the number of new cameras in 2011 to 119 with 36 superzooms (zoom ratio of 10x or more) [about 30%].

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