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March 31, 2011

New Canon camera (video or stills?) announcement coming says Hot Rod Tweet

Foto Actualidad notices a tweet by @HotRodCameras, a maker of camera and optical accessories that teases: "Are you ready for a press release about a new Canon camera?". Hot Rod makes a lot of video-priority gear, so "camera" in this case could be a video-priority camera or a still-priority with reasonable video capabilities (HD-DSLR?) camera or who knows. NAB is just around the corner (April 9-14), so perhaps a video-priority camera?

Speaking of NAB 2011, EOS HD speculates on what we might see there - from a video-priority perspective.

Speaking of Canon, Image Sensors World notices some text in the Canon 2010 Business Report that says: "... we produced steady results, including the development of CMOS sensors with an ultra-high pixel density capable of capturing details invisible to the naked eye...". I don't recall recalling if this was mentioned before.

Staying with Canon, they have just dissed the Fuji X100 in an interview with DSLR Magazine (computer translated), calling the Canon S95 an equivalent to the Fuji X100. [via Foto Actualidad]

Perhaps the biggest fauxtroversy since the LCD Soundsystem/Michael Musto diss ;-) Eat it Fuji X100! A Leicaphile would perhaps expand on that, "Eat it Fuji X100, you are no Leica X1!".

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