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March 08, 2011

More Focus on Imaging action (Sony prototype, new Fujis, video reports)

If you missed yesterday's Focus on Imaging round-up be sure to check it out!. Now it is time to check some of the latest action on the internets.

+ video reports from the show at (middle video is 11-minutes long)
+ Fuji X100 hands-on at Sound Image Plus
+ how the Fuji X100 display at the Fuji booth looks at MyFinePix UK
+ Sony translucent prototype hands-on at Photography Blog including side-by-side with the A700 body
+ "we know the A77 specs" said Sony rep to What Digital Camera? but we have to wait closer to the summer to find out
+ Fuji hands-on with X100, HS20, F550/F500 at Photography Blog
+ various pictures from the trade show floor at Photography Blog
+ text-only report at Nakedigit

Near the trade-show in Birmingham?
+ ten things to do on Wednesday suggests Photo Radar (+ trade show pictures)
+ free 8x10 b+w portrait at Ilford booth says @dephotographic
+ the trade show closes its doors on Wednesday at 5pm (Birmingham/UK time)

The Twitter and other Social Media
+ this lens will crash your primes - by @LensiFotography
+ Nikon booth
+ Nikon D7000 body was 699 British pounds at the Jacobs booth yesterday says @nakedigit
+ never-ending action on Twitter search and #focusonimaging

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