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March 2011 (88 posts)

March 31: April Fool's Day Round-up (completed)
March 31: New Canon camera (video or stills?) announcement coming says Hot Rod Tweet
March 31: Reviews Etc (T3i/600D, D3100, P500, Elphs, Wizards, etc)
March 31: (SOLD OUT) In-stock: Panasonic GH2 w/14-140 for $1500!
March 30: GE planning to launch interchangeable lens system in 2011?
March 30: Alleged small pictures of Pentax 1/2.3"-sensored iL system hit the internets
March 30: Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 lenses for M43rds and NEX/E-mount at NAB 2011 (did Zeiss leak news of new M43rds camcorder(s) coming?)
March 30: Adobe shows Photoshop with Layers on the iPad at Photoshop World
March 30: Reviews Etc (A33, TZ18, PocketWiz (N), Canon 430EX II, etc)
March 30: New issue of (free) online magazine PhotographyBB
March 29: Reviews Etc (T3i/600D, LX5 vs S95 vs P300, P300, EX-H20G, etc)
March 28: Ten Good Deals (Tokina 16.5-135: $350, etc) [dead: K-5 for $1300]
March 28: Big Sensor Primes news (Sigma DP2x priced, Leica X1 firmz, Fuji X100 restarts)
March 28: Reviews Etc (Samsung NX11 DxOmark, Canon 5DMk2 ISO, Mega-Comparison w/X100, etc)
March 27: Visualize this: the 35mm full frame digital cameras since 2002
March 27: Pentax K5 drops to $1300 again (sold-out: GH2 w/14-140)
March 25: Reviews Etc (X100, A55, T3i/600D, T3/1100D, SH100, LX5, etc)
March 25: Kodak hoping for $1 billion in patent royalties from Apple and RIM
March 24: NAB 2011 rumors: Expect a mock-up of Panasonic AF100 successor
March 24: Japan Quake/Tsunami: IR, PMANL recap camera manufacturers [updated]
March 24: New Zeiss newsletter, explains Tessar, becoming blog next month
March 23: The Panasonic GH2 gets the dpreview review
March 23: Reviews Etc (X100 vs GH2 ISO comparison, NX100, D-Rebels, XZ1, P300, etc)
March 23: Newsbytes round-up (Nissin, 4K video, DXO, Aperture, ACDSee Pro, etc)
March 22: New Sony NEX FS-100 now official (Super35 w/NEX E-mount) [updated]
March 22: Opinion Soup (artist stmts, blogs for clients, work-hard/still-suck, crowdsource, etc)
March 22: Reviews Etc (X100 vs E-PL2 ISOs, T3i/600D, D3100, GH2, NX10, etc)
March 21: A visual look at the age of DSLRs and iLC/mirrorless cameras
March 21: M&A Action: Shutterfly eats TinyPrints, Calumet/Bowens have new owners
March 21: R&D: Quanta Image Sensor, replace pixels with jots
March 21: Reviews Etc (Fuji X100, Ixus, Coolpix, etc)
March 20: Reviews Etc (Nikon D7000, Maxxum 9, TZ20/ZS10, etc)
March 19: (EXPIRED) Donate $5, LivingSocial donates another $5
March 18: Canon: We don't need no mirrorless/compact system
March 18: Reviews Etc (Fuji X100, GF2, XZ1, D7000, K-r, etc)
March 17: Reviews Etc (Fuji X100, E-PL2, GXR, T3i/600D, iPad2, etc)
March 17: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic GH2 in-stock (w/14-140 for $1500)
March 16: Reviews Etc (Tablet Cameras vs Canon S95, X100, A55, XZ1, etc)
March 16: New Pentax Optio RS1500 P&S with interchangeable skins
March 15: Reviews Etc (D7000, K-r, NEX-3, GH2, XZ1, ISO comps, etc)
March 14: Ways to help Japan during this crisis (and manufacturer updates)
March 14: More Fuji X100 samples (production temporarily halted) [updated]
March 13: Reviews Etc (Nikon P300, P7000, Sony A33, Fuji X100 troubles, etc)
March 12: Ironic (?) Leica M9 Titanium unboxing
March 11: Pentax K-r gets the dpreview review nao!
March 11: Pentax K-r stock status and price check
March 11: Reviews Etc (Fuji X100 samples and ISO test, Olympus E-PL2, etc)
March 11: Major quake and tsunami hit Japan
March 11: Canon Video group "endorses" Thunderbolt
March 10: Reviews (GF2, and hands-on); Etc (Adobe LR 3.4 ACR 6.4 RC)
March 10: Another Rumor Round-up: Sony 3G camera, Apple flirting with Canon
March 10: 3D Fantasies or Shape of Things to Come? (1 in 4 enthusiasts to buy 3D camera within next year?)
March 10: Rumor Round-Up (Canon, Nikon D5100, Sony A77, NEX videocams, etc)
March 10: Let's speculate why the Panasonic GH2 is not available
March 9: Reviews Etc (Fuji X100 full-size firmware 1.0 samples, HS20 samples, GF2, XZ1, etc)
March 9: Canon 60D stock status and price check
March 9: Focus & News round-up: prototype flash, Manfrotto hearts Lastolite, etc
March 9: Mirrorless grows in UK (plus interview with Panasonic)
March 9: Picture #27000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
March 8: Reviews Etc (K-r, E-PL2, GF2, XZ1, P300 samples, etc)
March 8: Rumor: Canon working on new MPEG2 codec for 5D Mark III
March 8: Sony knows A77 specs, (we) wait until near-summer for official news
March 8: More Focus on Imaging action (Sony prototype, new Fujis, video reports)
March 8: New Fuji X100 hands-on in UK (CNet, AP, BJoP) while Japan says can't keep up with demand
March 8: Pentax "source" says they are working on a mirrorless system
March 8: Panasonic 25mm f1.4 (M43rds) lens coming in 2011 says Panasonic UK
March 7: Samyang reveals 7.5mm f3.5 fisheye prototype for M43rds
March 7: Focus on Imaging action (Fuji X100, Sony prototype, Samyang, etc)
March 7: Opinion Soup (Fuji X100, D800 wishlist, Bad Photography, etc)
March 6: Hogan delivers State of the Camera Industry address
March 6: Olympus PEN Pro (M43rds pro camera) coming in 2-3 years (interview w/Megapixel)
March 6: (DEAD) Price drop: Nikon D7000 w/18-105 for $1413 (was $1385)
March 5: Fuji X100 samples and impressions
March 5: National Pancake day pictures in your/our Readers flickr pool
March 4: Samsung working on NX20 and NX200 cameras says Korean paper
March 4: Samyang 35mm f1.4 lens gets focusing scale, price of 379 euro
March 4: (EXPIRED) $5 w/auto-renewal: Popular Photography, American Photo, etc
March 3: Reviews Etc (D7000, E-PL2, XZ1, Pocket Wiz, LensBaby Sweet 35, etc)
March 3: In-stock alert: Panasonic GF2 w/14mm pancake for $700 (black or white)
March 2: Reviews Etc (M9, A560, K-r, D3100, E-PL2, GXR P10, GH2 vs A55, etc)
March 2: Pentax reveals new Optio S1 P&S (no, it's not a Canon Elph!)
March 1: Fuji X100 geekery: developing X100 RAW files with patched dcraw
March 1: New Olympus superzooms SZ-30MR (24x) and SZ-20 (12.5x)
March 1: New Olympus TG-810 elementproof camera with GPS
March 1: Reviews Etc (GH2, K-r, XZ1, D-Lux 5, TZ20/ZS10, HX7v, etc)
March 1: New Lensbaby Sweet 35mm selective focus creature
March 1: Fuji X100 hands-on and samples at Q! (and more!)
March 1: CIPA data for January 2011: DSLR/iLC shipments increase, fixed lens shipments drop


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