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March 01, 2011

Fuji X100 geekery: developing X100 RAW files with patched dcraw

If you are a boldly-going fan of computer geekery, and you absolutely can't wait, this post is for you! Dpreview forum user "ncruces" tested out a preliminary patch to David Coffin's dcraw software, enabling the software to "develop" Fuji X100 files. "ncruses" provides the files via a dropbox account. Already some photographers in the Fuji dpreview forum have been experimenting with the RAW files and are sharing their findings. One of the forum posts says: "This is going to SHUT a lot of people up.". Which way? We won't spoil it here :)

As usual when downloading and installing files and software from third-parties, be sure to exercise caution and take the appropriate precautions. This blog is not an anti-virus service, and we obviously cannot test every file on every forum and every website. Even Google with its near-infinite resources can't do that (yet?).

Meanwhile, another forum user is relaying an email received about his/her X100 pre-order saying that the first batch of X100s will arrive in the US on March-7-2011, with a bigger batch arriving 2-3 weeks later.

If you are trying to catch the X100, be sure to visit and bookmark our on-going X100 stock status page.

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