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March 07, 2011

Focus on Imaging action (Fuji X100, Sony prototype, Samyang, etc)

The Focus on Imaging trade show has opened its doors in Birmingham, UK! Let's see what we have from the photo-blogo-sphere:

Hands-on with gear and Booth Visits
+ Fuji X100 hands-on at ephotozine - ask questions in their forum if you want ephotozine to ask Fuji! - added more body/menu pictures [UPDATED!]
+ hands-on with Sony translucent non-working prototype at ephotozine and Pocket Lint, talk at AP UK
+ Samyang lens party at Photography blog and ephotozine
+ lots of pictures from the trade show floor at ephotozine
+ pictures of Lensbaby Sweet 35 at ephotozine
+ Panasonic booth visit by The G2 Photographer (Alistair Ford)
+ text-based impressions at Small Aperture
+ and here is an instagram from the trade show floor
+ reminder: Canon pulled out of the trade show a few days ago

Multimedia reports
+ 4-minute audio recap by Documentally, you guessed it, talking Fuji X100 (and two pictures)
+ unboxing SWAG and gifts video by theunits3 (YouTube)

+ Phase One Capture One Pro 6 and Profoto lightning gear discover synergies - via Echenique etc

The Twitter
+ Fuji X100 hands-on in 140 characters or less by @fastfiftyphoto
+ rant on Canon absence by @tristanpoyser
+ oddities: a rather passionate and wild (or maybe ironic?) wedding album cover spotted by @brettnet
+ never-ending Twitter action

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