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March 28, 2011

Big Sensor Primes news (Sigma DP2x priced, Leica X1 firmz, Fuji X100 restarts)

And now time to round-up Monday's action in the world of Big Sensor Primes (BSP)! What do you think of this term? The acronym looks a bit chemical but the full name sounds exciting! Coincidence or conspiracy that all three BSPs have news on the same day? We blog, you puppet and chalkboard and decide ;-)

We start with Shiguma! Their sixth Foveon-powered DP-series fixed lens digital camera, the DP2x, has received a starting price of $800 and a release date estimate of April 2011. Is the higher price an attempt to piggy-back on the popularity of the Fuji X100? Press release parade at Insider, Imaging Resource, et al. Reading the press release at face value may cause some giggles - "SLR-sized image sensor" - now that's a BIG three-dimensional sensor ;-)

Next up, Leica! Their X1 BSP is getting a new firmware update that adds features and fixes bugs at the same time. Yes, it can walk and chew gum at the same time! Press release parade at Photography Review, Photography Blog, et al. The firmware will go live on March 29, and as usual, if you are not the boldly going type, visit your favorite Leica forum to see what the boldly-going Leicaphiles have experienced. Rumor has it dentist and legal appointments along with court appearances are being cancelled en masse on Tuesday ;-)

And we close the BSP Trilogy with the camera darling of the quarter, the Fui X100! Fuji Japan has announced that it has restarted production of the X100. Fuji Japan notice release parade at Imaging Resource, dpreview, et al.

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