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February 24, 2011

Sony going all-translucent with future Alpha DSLRs

Quesabesde writes (computer translated) that Sony is planning to go all-translucent/pellicle-mirror with their future Alpha DSLRs! This came out of a Sony event in Zaragoza, Spain! Sony sees itself as "breaking barriers" (computer-translated) with the pellicle mirror SLTs.

As Photo Club Alpha notes, Sony will be at the Focus on Imaging trade show (March 6-9, UK), and with production of the NEX-3 ending and Sony's current "flood strategy" with Alphas, we could perhaps get some new gear development notices or announcements?

The news of the all-pellicle move is being discussed in the Sony DSLR Talk forum. Since Sony has been preparing the ground for this move for months now, there are no e-riots (yet?).

From a strategery point of view, this is something that can differentiate Sony from Canon+Nikon, and in a way, it is easier for a challenger to distinguish themselves by offering something different than competing with the market-share leaders with similar products. Because let's face it, if you take the same camera and rebadge it under Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Leica, etc, it is probably going to sell along the lines of the market shares and price-ranges of each manufacturer. Sony is already making some progress, they told the Mayor News that may have 15% market share of DSLRs (traditional DSLRs and SLTs) by the end of this fiscal year (March 31, 2011), up from their 10% average.

Mirror vs Light-Leaky-Mirror
Some photographers who tested out the first generation of the Sony SLTs are complaining about light loss and such because of the pellicle mirror design. Those are valid concerns at the moment, however, we should also note that this was just the first generation of this technology.

However, with photography being light-sensitive (oh dear!), more of the light is always going to be perceived as better than less of the light. But Sony does not need to convince 100% of the photographers out there, just enough to keep growing its market share. As usual, only time will tell...

+ opinion on this move at Enticing the Light

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