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February 04, 2011

Reviews, Etc (GH2, IQ80, 645D, K-5, XZ1, CX5)

Looking for some weekend reading? How about some digital camera reviews? :) We start with the Panasonic GH2 getting tested out at Digital Camera HQ who is not afraid to pick the worst cameras of the year every year!

The Olympus XZ-1 action continues at Focus Numerique where they test the stabilization and the RAW exposure (noise, dynamique range).

Give me megapixels or give me more megapixels! If that's your motto, Luminous Landscape has a first report based on a pre-production 80-megapixel Phase One IQ80 digital back.

If you love medium format but don't want to pay medium-format-elitist prices, the Pentax 645D is surfacing as a potential alternative and it is getting a new review at Register Hardware.

Staying with Pentax, The Pho Blog Grapher has completed their look at the Pentax K-5.

It was announced not so long ago, and if you are a Ricaholic, its first review is now out. We are talking about the CX5 compact-zoom, reviewed at Photography Blog.

On the lens front, you can find the latest lens reviews at the Lens Reviews spartan page.

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