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February 11, 2011

More CP+ 2011 action (Fuji X100, Sigma SD1, Nikon P500, P300, etc)

It is early Saturday morning in Japan, so let's see some of the Friday updates from the CP+ 2011 trade show floor from Focus Numerique and DC Watch Impress! We also just spotted extensive coverage at, so we catch up with all their updates.

+ short video tour of the Sony booth on YouTube (via Sony DSLR Talk) [in Japanese]

Focus Numerique
+ Fuji X100 mini-mania and impressions
+ Sony camcorder with built-in projecteur and PSP stuffs

DC Watch
+ nostalgia of old digital cameras - those were the days! [corrected link]
+ Benro accessories
+ Manfrotto accessories
+ more accessories and even more
+ Women-only exhibit (if you are a man, do not click on this link!)
+ Canon: red 18-55mm kit lens, T3/1100D, T3i/600D, new flashes, 300mm f2.8L IS II, Ixus, more Ixus, and more, SX230 HS
+ Fuji: XP30 waterproof
+ Manfrotto: tripods and other stuff
+ Nikon: P500 megazoom, P300 compact, S9100, S6100, Coolpixies
+ Olympus: white xZ-1, E-PL2 (causes flower allergies!)
+ Panasonica: the white GF2
+ Pentax: colorful colors, K-5 silver
+ Ricoh: the pink-rose CX5
+ Sigma: the new SD1 and 120-300mm lens
+ Sony: 3D camcorder, camcorder with projector, Alpha Girls (w/NEX cameras)
+ Tamron: showing new 18-270mm PZd (piezo drive) superzoom
+ Velbon: light tripod
+ trade show pictures taken with the Nikon D7000

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