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February 01, 2011

Kenko developing a C-mount interchangeable lens camera for Summer 2011 (30K yen, no RAW)

With the popularity of small/compact and mirrorless cameras in Japan, Kenko is jumping on the bandwagon with something a little different - an interchangeable lens camera using the C-mount. (a quick primer on C-mount at Wackopedia).

The camera and system was shown in Japan as a mockup/prototype, as captured by DC Watch Impress (computer translated). See also an earlier post at DC Watch (computer translated).

The camera will have a fixed LCD screen and a hot shoe but not an on-board flash. It will have a 14mp sensor and take SD memory cards. Sensor size is not mentioned but the standard lens will be a 6mm f1.4, which if you do the math seems to indicate a rather small sensor. And here's the/another Debbie Downer - it can only record JPEG. No RAW :( The body is made of magnesium.

The price is reasonable, 30,000 yen with a planned summer 2011 release. DC Watch has three pictures of the whole system. In addition to C-mount lenses, it can use adapters to take SLR lenses, telescopes and "fieldscopes".

We do not know if Kenko plans to release this outside of Japan...

Discussion of this at the GetDPI forums,, etc.

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