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February 2011 (120 posts)

February 28: Speculation: Announcements coming? (the "Review Volume" indicator)
February 28: PhotographyBB free online magazine celebrates three years
February 28: Samyang announces 8mm f3.5 fisheye designed for the NEX VG-10 (E-mount also)
February 27: Year in Review (Episode #4): The Dark Side of Full Frame
February 27: Reviews Etc (K-5, X100, XZ1, LX5, P7000, HX100v, eXtReMe, etc)
February 27: Nikon D700 stock status
February 26: New Sony sensor technology is much faster than current sensors
February 26: Ten Good Deals (D3100, T2i, E-PL2, etc) [ended: MacBook Pro]
February 25: Forty Fuji X100 pre-production samples at dpreview
February 25: Shoot with your pancake lenses on National Pancake day (March 1st)
February 25: Sony announces new 12mp 1/2.3" backlit sensor w/42fps at full-resolution
February 25: Price drop alert: Canon T2i w/18-135mm for $900 (ended: Pentax K-x w/18-55 & 55-300 for $600)
February 24: Newsbytes, Firmware updates, and Problems
February 24: Panasonic GF2 gets the dpreview review
February 24: Sony going all-translucent with future Alpha DSLRs
February 24: Forum users you are not paranoid - they have astroturfing corporate defenders/trolls
February 24: SOLD-OUT (In-stock alerts: Canon T3i w/18-55, Panasonic GH2 w/14-42 silver)
February 23: Reviews Etc (GF2, E-PL2, XZ1, K-5, WX7, etc)
February 23: Pentax 645D takes on Canon 1Ds Mark III at ePhotoZine
February 23: Canon S95 price check
February 23: A denial, a denial? Leica responds to new mirrorless rumors [updated]
February 23: WPPI 2011 photo-blogo-webo-sphere round-up
February 23: Goodbye Sony NEX-3: Sony Japan ends production
February 22: What do you think? Added social media buttons on individual blog-posts
February 22: Reviews Etc (Pentax K-5 low-light AF, D3100, NEX-5, XZ1 samples, Ricoh vs Ricoh, etc)
February 22: Tamron and Nikon patents theorize lens stabilization via tele-converter
February 22: WPPI trade show is underway but no new cameras announced
February 22: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic GH2 black w/14-42mm in-stock for $1000
February 21: Celebrity DSLR Watch: Howard Stern buys Nikon D7000
February 21: Samsung makes five leaked NX lenses official (release: May to December)
February 21: Canon pulls out of Focus on Imaging two weeks before the show
February 20: Reviews, Etc (GH2, XZ1, T3i/T3 samples, A33, X1, MF, etc)
February 19: Panasonic GF2 stock status
February 19: Canon T3i and T3 stock status
February 18: Samsung NX roadmap revealed in presentation (3 bodies, more lenses)
February 18: Rumors of a Nikon D5100 DSLR heat up
February 18: Mystery: Why are Canon and Nikon nearly-abstaining from waterproof P&S cameras?
February 17: Fuji X100 samples and hands-on (Q, Photo Review)
February 17: Reviews, Etc (MF, A55, 60D, GH2, E-PL2, TZ20, HX7v, etc)
February 17: News round-up (software, sensors, printers, accessories, etc)
February 17: Ten Good Deals (Nikon D7000 w/18-105: $1410, refurb 43rds, etc) [expired: LR3]
February 16: 2011 so far: More superzooms, more clones, but only four DSLR/iLCs!
February 15: UPDATED: Cryptic teaser: something coming, "DSLRs will never be the same"
February 15: Fuji X100 announced in Japan, shipping March 5 there
February 15: Canon jumps in ...commercial printing business
February 14: Fuji X100 stock status
February 14: Panasonic reveals new camcorder sticks and such (absorbing Sanyo butterfly-wings?)
February 14: Panasonic GH2 real-world RAW samples
February 14: Reviews, Etc (K-r, T3i/600D, DP1x, P7000, XZ1, etc)
February 13: Pentax K-5 silver demand already exceeded supply?
February 13: As the Sigma SD1 world turns
February 13: Video test-chart pixel-peeping: Canon 7D vs Sony NEX-VG10 vs Panasonic GH2 and AG-AF100
February 13: Even more CP+ 2011 action (Megapixel, Photo Review,, etc)
February 13: New Samsung NX lenses make a guest appearance in Korea
February 12: Fuji X100 hands-on and unboxing at CNet Asia (and by Fuji Guys)
February 12: Olympus E-PL2 gets the dpreview review
February 12: Picture #26000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
February 11: Reviews, Etc (GH2, D7000, K-5, A580, XZ1, G12, SB700, and many more)
February 11: More CP+ 2011 action (Fuji X100, Sigma SD1, Nikon P500, P300, etc)
February 10: Speculation: Is Laforet switching out of Canon?
February 10: New Cosina Voigtlander 35/1.2 (M) and 75/1.8 (C/N) lenses
February 10: More CP+ action: Sigma and medium format
February 10: Pictures and interview with Ricoh on their GXR M-mount module
February 10: 16mp vs 10mp 1/2.3" comparison with Sony Cybershots HX-series
February 10: Action from the CP+ trade show floor (Cosina, JVC GC-PX1, M43rds, etc)
February 10: (DEAD) In-stock alert: Panasonic GF2 14/2.5 white (GF2 w/14-42 sold out)
February 9: Pelican Imaging announces prototype array camera for mobile devices
February 9: Interviews with Samsung at Imaging Resource
February 9: Fuji posts X100 gallery with 27 full-size JPEG pictures
February 9: CP+ 2011 pictures and sounds from the Trade Show Floor
February 9: Sigma shyly says they will make M43rds lenses
February 9: Pentax shows GPS unit for DSLRs, MF lens road-map
February 9: The CP+ 2011 Trade Show Situation Room
February 8: Olympus teases high-end M-Zuiko prime lens at CP+
February 8: Sony Japan teases Alpha developments (see-through prototype, lenses, etc)
February 8: Sony NEX lens road map shows 24mm Zeiss this year and G-in-2012
February 8: Sigma NEX E-mount 30mm f2.8 lens revealed at CP+ (also Sony A700+, Ricoh GXR M-mount, etc)
February 8: Nikon launches new Coolpix P300 w/24-100mm, 1/2.3" backlit (no RAW, no VF)
February 8: Nikon Coolpix P500 superzoom w/36x (22.5-810eq), 8fps full-res, PASM (no RAW)
February 8: Two more new Nikon Coolpix superzooms: L120 (21x, AA) and S9100 (18x, LiIon)
February 8: New Nikon Coolpix S6100, S4100, S3100, S2500, L24, L23
February 8: New Nikon Coolpix models accidentally appear on the internets
February 8: Sigma launches three new lenses: 50-150/2.8 DC OS, 12-24 DG, 105 OS macro
February 8: New Sigma DP2x - the sixth Foveon-based fixed-lens DP-series camera
February 8: Olympus launches four new compacts, headlined by 18x SZ-10 compact-zoom
February 7: (SOLD OUT for now) Fuji is now available for pre-order for $1200
February 7: Komamura (Horseman) also joins M43rds (with accessories in mind?)
February 7: Sony opening E-mount specifications to lens makers on April 1st
February 7: Pentax K-5 and three Limited primes coming in silver
February 7: New Pentax 25mm f4 SDM medium format wide angle lens
February 7: Pentax launches a GPS waterproof and a non-GPS waterproof
February 7: Patent hogs: Canon scratches 2500+ patents in 2010
February 7: New P&S digicams: Samsung PL20, ES80 and tape-delayed Sony J10
February 7: Zeiss joins Micro Four Thirds and promises HD Video lenses
February 6: New Canon announcement summary (DSLRs, lenses, flashes, Powershots)
February 6: New Canon 600D (aka Digital Rebel T3i) announced!
February 6: Canon is working on 200-400mm f4L IS lens with a built-in 1.4x extender
February 6: Canon announces 500mm and 600mm f4L IS II lenses
February 6: New entry-level Canon T3 (aka 1100D) DSLR
February 6: Canon reveals two new flashes: 320EX and 270EX II
February 6: Canon reveals two new travel-zooms (SX230 HS w/GPS, and SX220 HS)
February 6: Canon launches three new Elph (Ixus, Ixy) models: 100HS, 300HS, 500HS
February 6: Pentax rumorizings: full frame this year? lower priced 645D?
February 4: Reviews, Etc (GH2, IQ80, 645D, K-5, XZ1, CX5)
February 4: Schneider Kreuznach joins Micro Four Thirds
February 3: Nikon developing "new generation of cameras" said financial repor(t)
February 3: Reviews, Etc (E-5, GF2, A55, K-5, etc)
February 3: Crazy but logical rumor? Pentax will release a 1/2.3"~ mirrorless system?
February 3: Nikon D7000 body only in-stock for $1200 (one more update)
February 2: JVC GC-PX1 hybrid 10x HD camera w/300fps and Konica-Minolta lens
February 2: Signs point to Canon 600D name (likely 550D/T2i replacement)
February 2: Reviews, Etc (The Olympus E-PL2 show)
February 2: Hands-on with a Fuji X100 prototype (no pictures from the camera)
February 2: flickr now says they are working on account restore feature
February 2: What's inside the Panasonic GH2?
February 1: Kenko developing a C-mount interchangeable lens camera for Summer 2011 (30K yen, no RAW)
February 1: Price announcements: Panasonic cameras and Arca-Swiss pan-tilt heads
February 1: Reviews, Etc (GH2, K-5, D7000, RZ33, DP1x, EX1, XZ1, etc) [updated]
February 1: flickr accidentally deletes photographer's account (instead of the copyright violator) - but can't undo the delete
February 1: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Nikon D7000 body only for $1200


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