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February 03, 2011

Crazy but logical rumor? Pentax will release a 1/2.3"~ mirrorless system?

This sounds like a wild rumor, but crazier things have happened in the past! Mirrorlessrumors writes that according to their sources, Pentax will launch a new mirrorless system with a 1/2.3"~ sensor. That's right, that's the sensor found in most of today's P&S digital cameras. This sounds crazy on the surface, but then again, Pentax does not really have a recognizable presence in the P&S digital camera market, so they have very little to lose in terms of Optio sales by launching this system. This would give them something to compete (in some ways) against the likes of the Canon G-series and S9x, Nikon P7000, Panasonic LX-series, Samsung EX1/TL500, trading off sensor size vs interchangeable lenses vs retro glamour. A small system like this could be big in Japan and other high-tech Asian markets (Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc)

The sensor size sounds similar to what Kenko just revealed. One can speculate whether these two would be compatible with each other. Perhaps that's why the Kenko chart only showed a Nikon adapter and Tokina lenses in their system chart, not wanting to leak the Pentax system before its time?

UPDATE: Long opinion on this at the EOS HD blog.

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