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February 16, 2011

2011 so far: More superzooms, more clones, but only four DSLR/iLCs!

Now that the CP+ show is over, it is time to hit "recalc" on our spreadsheets and take a quantitative look at the cameras of 2011 so far. We are on a record-breaking pace, with 116 new cameras introduced this year from the major manufacturers alone!

Two patterns emerge in 2011 (so far)
When we compare this year's numbers with the final numbers for 2010, we see two interesting patterns:

1) The cat ate the DSLRs/iLCs this year! Out of 116 models, only four (4) are DSLR/iLC - the Olympus E-PL2, Canon T3i/600D and T3/1100D, and the Samsung NX11. That's around 3.5%. Yikes! In contrast, in 2010, the final percentage was 13.6%. But there is a silver lining - the number of DSLRs/iLCs announced in the first two months of 2010 was about the same as 2011 (E-PL1, T2i/550D, NX10, A450, SD15 - you can see some parallels) [2010 was a Photokina year; PMA has moved to Fall 2011]

2) The percentage of superzooms (zoom ratio of 10x or more) continues to increase! In 2010 it was 19% of all cameras, while in 2011 it is 29% of all cameras. When you remove interchangeable lens cameras from the totals, the percentages of superzooms among fixed-lens cameras are 30% in 2011 versus 22% in 2010.

bar chart showing cameras of 2011 by type

bar chart showing most cameras by manufacturer as of Febr-14-2011

And now let's see which manufacturers are flooding the market with camera models! Fuji leads the way thanks to a staggering 21-camera announcement at CES 2011, followed by the usual suspects (Sony, Samsung, Panasonic), etc. Of note, 10 out of Fuji's 21 new cameras are superzooms (10x or more!)

When you compare this with the final chart of 2010, we notice a couple of things: Pentax has been very quiet (only two new cameras this year), and Olympus has cut back a little bit on the "flood" strategy.

For previous posts that cover these subjects, be sure to visit and bookmark the Market Pulse archives.

+ Numbers for 2011 are as of February 14, 2011 and they are not updated automatically
+ Numbers for 2010 are the final numbers for 2010
+ The JVC GC-P1 is the only JVC camera included in the totals since it is different from the cameras offered by the major manufacturers (that's why you see 115 vs 116)
+ the major manufacturers for the purposes of this exercise are listed at the bottom of the cameras of 2011 page

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