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January 02, 2011

Year in Review (Episode #3): Readers' Top 7 DSLR/iLC purchases (at Amazon)

Since the Readers' Choice vote for Camera of the Year was cancelled (due to repeat proxy-voting by fanboys), we have an impromptu "substitute": the top selling DSLR/iLC cameras by our readers during 2010 at (the USA version of Amazon). Thanks to everyone for making your purchases and keeping this blog alive! If things get quiet after CES 2011 and if there is interest in this, we can expand it to other cameras (eg fixed lens) and also include other major retailers in the total. Needless to say, this would be a time-consuming project, so I can't promise this - unless things get really quiet after CES.

We have to stress that this is heavily influenced by special promotions (such as the Canon and Nikon instant rebates) and discounts/deals that get posted here and at the Camera Deals blog.

Top 7 DSLR/iLC Readers' purchases at Amazon for 2010
1. Canon D-Rebel T2i/550D
2. Pentax K-x
3. Canon D-Rebel T1i/500D
4. Nikon D7000
5. Canon D-Rebel XS/1000D
6. Nikon D90
7. Panasonic GF1

Footnotes, Etc
All individual kits and colors were added together for each individual camera model.

Some cameras was released before 2010, while others were released during 2010, some earlier, some later (such as the Nikon D7000). Obviously cameras that were available for the whole year had an advantage.

Cameras that participate in Instant Rebates (such as the three Canon D-Rebels) or have market-driven fluctuations in price obviously do better, while cameras with the same prices across the major retailers (such as Sony) under-perform. This was one of the "secrets" of the Pentax K-x success - by letting the market decide its price (instead of being controlled by corporate autocrats), there were a series of tempting deals of the various K-x kits that encouraged more and more photographers to give it a shot. However, this wouldn't have been possible if the camera did not perform well. As you can see at the various forums, samples and reviews, K-x's performance (including high ISOs) won over a lot of photographers (and it got Big in Japan)

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