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January 21, 2011

UK market: Sony overthrows Nikon and grabs #2 spot in DSLR/iLCs for December 2010

In a new post at Amateur Photographer UK, it is revealed that for December 2010, Sony overtook Nikon in the interchangeable-lens camera market in the UK and grabbed the #2 spot with a solid 25% to 20% lead for December 2010. December is typically a very busy shopping season, so it's not just a random fluctuation!

The numbers are the total of both DSLRs and mirrorless, so we don't know how many of the Sonys were Alpha DSLRs and how many were NEXxies. But considering that Alphas were a known quantity in years past, we can speculate that without the NEX mirrorless system Sony would probably not have been able to overtake Nikon. According to previous numbers, the UK market appears to have embraced mirrorless more than any other major non-Asian market.

AP UK also quotes GfK data for the Japanese market that point to the CaNiKoN duopoly dropping to an "alarming" 60~% market share of iLCs for 2010. This seems to be lower than the market share extrapolated from the BCNranking numbers we mentioned a few days ago, but the delta between the two is only in the single digits.

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