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January 05, 2011

Sony reveals eleven new Cybershots, plus Bloggies, 3D dual-everything camcorder, and camcorders w/built-in projectors

Sony has launched eleven fixed-lens point and shoot models. Sony is touting their 3D feature with one-lens and one-sensor that works for both stills and movies. How much this is marketing BS and how effective it will be? Well, time will tell :) Just like others, Sony is moving to the 16-megapixel sensor, making the memory card manufacturers rub their hands with glee (Jane Lynch not included!) ;-)

Sony has resisted the urge to move to a bigger zoom ratio, and both the new HX7v and H70 compact-zooms remain at 10x. On the T-series front, they have the TX100v with a 3.5" OLED display, the TX10 and the T110. The WX-series gets two models this time around, the WX10 and WX9. And unlike last year where they had a confusing 8-camera W-series burst, this time they have a more logical four-pack.

A bit surprising is that Sony has yet to announce a mid-size or above superzoom, with the aging HX1 holding down the fort. The HX1 was announced in early March 2009. Not a surprise, but Sony continues to not release a serious compact. Perhaps they think that the NEX series overlaps with this market segment.

Sony has also launched a 3D Bloggie, and this one, unlike the one-lens 3D of the Cybershots, actually has two lenses. But if you prefer a standard 2D bloggie but need a back and front LCD, they have also announced the "Bloggie Duo".

On the more exciting part, their new HDR-TD10 is a consumer tier 3D Handycam camcorder, with two G-series lenses, two Exmor-R sensors and two Bionz image processors. It also features 64GB of on-board flash memory. It is in the consumer line, but it will start at around $1500 in April.

There are many other camcorders as well, including three that have built-in projectors!

A total of 64 new Sony items (!) are available for pre-order at Amazon.

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