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January 19, 2011

Reviews, Etc (G12, XZ1, E-PL2, A580, GH2, G2, NX100, K-r, galleries, etc)

Time for another loaded review round-up. For lenses, as usual, be sure to check the spartan lens reviews diary.

We start at with an express 10-page review of the Canon G12! How the mighty have fallen. Once upon a time a Canon G-series review was an "event". Nowadays it can barely get an "express" review. As usual, we won't reveal the conclusions here so be sure to check it out. Speaking of the G12, dc resource has updated their night shot samples.

Tired of the G-series? Olympus proposes an alternative, their new XZ1 which has now been reviewed at DSLR Magazin, with ISO action included!

The Sony A580 continues to pick up momentum, riding the sensor coattails of the D7000/K-5. It has now received a brand new review at Photography Blog.

It's gallery season at DC Resource where their review galleries for the Olympus E-PL2, Panasonic GF2, and Pentax K-r have been posted! These three are the next three reviews in their pipeline, so stay tuned!

The Panasonic G-action continues with a photographer report on the camera at Huff by Amy Medina. ISO comparisons to the Pentax K-x are included among other subject matter. Also, Quesabesde has posted a review of the red Panasonic G2. Not that the body color changes the camera's IQ, but because Q always has great proxy-hands-on-reviews, you can get a good feel of how a _red_ camera would look if you bought it - and dared to go out shooting with it - at a place where other photographers might see you ;-)

On the other side of the M43rds aisle, the new Olympus E-PL2 has two new reviews, at Quesabesde and at Pocket Lint.

Back to APS-C DSLRs, and we have a new review of the Pentax K-r at, which includes long ISO comparisons between the K-r, K-x, K-7 and Nikon D300s. Also in RAW.

Staying with APS-C but removing the mirror at Steve's Digicams where the Samsung NX100 has been checked out.

Samples and Tests
+ Panasonic GF2 ISO comparison (vs NEX-5, E-PL1, GF1) at Focus Numerique
+ Samsung NX100 studio test samples at Imaging Resources
+ Sony A55 ISO tests: Lightroom vs DxO Optique Preaux at Alpha Numerique
+ Testing of the new firmware for the Sony A900 and A850 at Alpha Numerique

Lightning Round
+ Olympus E-5 at PDN
+ Canon S95 at
+ Sony WX5 at ephotozine
+ Casio EX-Z800 at Photography Blog
+ Nikon S1100pj at P-Lint

Beyond Cameras
+ B+W: Silver Efex Pro vs Capture NX2 at Luminescent Photo
+ blueSLR wireless camera control by Terry L. White
+ frio cold shoe mount at Cameradojo
+ hands-on with the Kata Bug 205PL at P3

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