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January 05, 2011

Olympus announces six new P&S cameras (but drops the Stylus name)

In addition to the more exciting (among serious photographers) XZ1, Olympus has announced a series of general-interest fixed-lens digital cameras, and with this release, they have launched some new sub-series and they seem to be moving away from using the Stylus name. Of interest is the absence of mass-market entry-level low-priced shiny silver clones. But the year has just began :)

On the typical superzoom front, the new SP-610uz has a 22x optical zoom lens starting at 28mm eq and as usual, with sensor shift stabilization.

The "Tough" line drops the Stylus, and gets the new base name, "TG-". Two new cameras have been announced here, the TG-610 and TG-310. Just like the SP-610uz, these have 14-megapixel sensors, perhaps a compromise between 12mp and 16mp :)

With the blade-zoom/compact-zooms becoming almost a must for every manufacturer in the "war" against the smartphones, Olympus has the new VR-series, launched with the 10x VR310. Is it me or does it look like the Casio EX-H? :)

Another sub-series coming out is the VG-series, perhaps nudging the brain to substitute "Very Good" for VG :) The series starts with the 5x VG-130 and VG-120.

Read more about them
+ SP-610uz at dc resource, etc
+ Tough TG-610 and TG-310 elementproofs at Photoxels, Quesabesde, etc
+ VR310 at Photography Blog
+ VG-130 and VG-120 at Photoxels, dpnow, etc

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