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January 04, 2011

New Samsung SH100 is a "connected" camera (can use smartphone as remote EVF/control/GPS

With a portfolio in smartphones and now tablets, Samsung is perhaps one of the best suited camera manufacturers to "understand" the need for "connected" cameras. And with CES 2011 as the backdrop, they have announced their new SH100 P&S camera. In addition to the Wifi feature so you can social-media-share your pictures directly from the camera, Samsung is offering integration with their Galaxy smart devices, with the smartphone acting as a remote control and remote viewfinder and proxy-GPS of sorts for the camera.

Other "Engadget" features include a 3-inch touchscreen LCD (not AMOLED), 720p video recording, DLNA for TV/entertainment interactions, and such.

On the camera side (yes this is a camera), it has a 5x optical zoom lens (starting at 26mm eq) but without "real" stabilization and a 14mp 1/2.33" CCD sensor. It will come out in March with a starting price of $200, which perhaps explains why no AMOLED :)

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