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January 04, 2011

Kodak announces eight new Easyshare P&S models (3D home printing, and other gear)

Kodak is having a busy CES, with a number of announcements. On the camera front, their press releases spotlight only two cameras, the tiny "Kodak Easyshare Sport", their first P&S waterproof camera (they previously announced waterproof camcorder sticks), and the "Easyshare Touch", a touchscreen model. The press release looks like it is borrowing a page from Apple marketing by just giving products names without dealing with "model numbers".

But the complete list of the new Kodak cameras is shown at Amazon and from there, we get the complete list:
+ Kodak Z990 superzoom (it has its own post as it is more photographer-interesting than these P&S models)
+ Kodak Touch M577 for $150 in black only (that's the "Touch" of the press release)
+ Kodak Sport C123 for $80 in multiple colors (that's the "Sport" of the press release)
+ Kodak M522 for $100 in multiple colors (14mp, 4x, 2.7" LCD)
+ Kodak M532 for $120 in multiple colors (14mp, 4x, 2.7" LCD)
+ Kodak M552 for $130 in multiple colors (14mp, 5x, 2.7" LCD)
+ Kodak M583 for $180 in multiple colors (14mp, 8x, 3" LCD)
+ Kodak Mini M200 for $100 in multiple colors

Other Kodak announcements
Kodak says it is working on a consumer printer that will allow you to print your 3D creations. No further details are giving in the press release.

Kodak has announced two new camcorder-sticks, the "Playfull" (oh dear indeed!) that has social-media on its mind, and a new version of the "PlaySport", a waterproof/dustproof/etc camcorder stick.

They also have a new Pulse social-media inspired digital picture frame that even LOLs and OMGs. And a new $100 C310 all-in-one printer that (thankfully) does not LOL/OMG :)

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