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January 2011 (112 posts)

January 31: Sony officially announces HX100v and HX9v superzooms (and also W520)
January 31: Ricoh launches GXR sensor+mount module with Leica M-mount!
January 31: Discontinued in Japan: Pentax K-7 and K-x
January 31: DxomarK evaluates Panasonic GF2 and Sony A560 sensors
January 31: Reviews, Etc (80mp Leaf, 60D, A55, A390, E-5, XZ1, GH2, etc)
January 29: Kodak on exit-orbit from Planet Cameras?
January 29: Canon+Nikon drop to 56% interchangeable lens market share in Dec-2010 in UK [corrected]
January 29: Understanding Dxomark data, a Luminous article
January 29: What's inside a Nikon D7000?
January 29: Small victories: photographing the exterior of federal bldgs
January 29: Reviews, Etc (D7000, A850, 60D, E-PL2, GH2, XZ1, and more)
January 29: Luminous Landscape interviews 80-megapixel digital-back makers (Leaf, Phase One)
January 29: Silver Pentax K-5 DSLR leaked by Pentax itself
January 29: Disdain for sensor stains made official by Pentax K-5
January 29: Rumor-leaked: Sony HX100v and HX9v superzooms
January 27: Slow updates until the weekend
January 27: Olympus XZ1 review at dpreview
January 25: Ricoh launches new CX5 with megapixel-restraint and hybrid AF
January 25: Olympus XZ1 noise comparison at Focus Numerique
January 25: Fuji X100 4-page preview at d-preview
January 24: New Panasonic ZS10/TZ20/TZ22, ZS8/TZ18 compact-fun-zooms grow to 16x
January 24: New Panasonic TS3/FT3 adds GPS, and other outdoorsy features
January 24: New Panasonic FX77/FX78 middle-class compact
January 24: New cameras in 2011 so far: Unleash the clones! [updated]
January 24: Reviews, Etc (A580, E-PL2, K-5, K-r, EX1/TL500, P7000, etc)
January 24: New wave of Canon full frame rumors
January 24: Awards season: AP UK crowns Canon 60D as product of year
January 24: Phase One reveals three 80mp, 60mp, 40mp CCD digital backs with multi-touch LCDs
January 24: Dxomark evaluates Sony A580 and group-evaluates APS-C DSLRs
January 23: Opinion round-up (Foveon, flickr, X100, pro cameras, critics, etc)
January 23: Blog update: switched to two columns
January 22: Blog template change Saturday night (NYC time)
January 21: UK market: Sony overthrows Nikon and grabs #2 spot in DSLR/iLCs for December 2010
January 20: Hogan's photo-travel adventures in Chile
January 20: Rumor haze: Canon 1Ds Mark IV 32-34 megapixels? when?
January 20: Rumors of Panasonic G3 looking like the Samsung NX10?
January 19: Reviews, Etc (G12, XZ1, E-PL2, A580, GH2, G2, NX100, K-r, galleries, etc)
January 19: R&D: Bend it like Illinois - zooming with a simple lens
January 19: Samsung launches five new ST-series P&S compacts
January 18: New Epson Stylus R3000 13-inch (A3) printer is announced and (p)reviewed
January 18: Samsung interview at WDC: 4K video as early as 2013 in stills cameras
January 18: Rumors of 36x Nikon P500 superzoom with zoom wheel on lens
January 18: Rumors of Nikon advanced mirrorless system coming in April
January 17: Picture #25000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
January 17: Blog updates and Browser Market Share (among our readers)
January 16: Reviews, Etc (E-PL2, GH2, D7000, P7000, EX1/TL500, NX11, etc)
January 15: Rumor round-up: 1Ds Mk3 disappears, Sony superzooms appear
January 15: (SOLD OUT) Nikon D7000 body only in-stock for $1200
January 14: Panasonic interview at Imaging Resource
January 13: See what you see with a "live" Fuji X100 viewfinder (video from CES)
January 13: Olympus group-interview at Imaging Resource
January 13: Reviews, Etc (60D, E-5, M9, K-5, ISO comparisons, etc)
January 13: Olympus XZ1 full-size samples at Optyczne
January 13: In-stock alert: Pentax 645D for $10,000 (but cannot buy online)
January 12: Rumors of Canon T2i/550D replacement with vari-angle LCD, XS/1000D replacement in red (coming at CP+ (early Feb))
January 12: Reviews, Etc (D7000, GF2, LX5 DxoMark, E-5 distilled, video-test-experiments, etc)
January 12: Early rumors for Canon 5DMk3 and 1DMk5
January 12: (DEAD) Deal alert: Samsung TL350 for $239 w/free S&H
January 12: Interviews with Sony and Casio at Imaging Resource
January 12: Blog update: Some comments not showing up
January 11: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Nikon D7000 body only in-stock for $1200 (updated)
January 11: Flickr's abusive account deletion policy triggers creative protest (updated)
January 11: The Green Repor(t): Sony A55 uses recycled plastics
January 11: Sony talks big in dpreview interview
January 11: Google rekindles open-format debates - will drop H.264 support from Chrome
January 11: PMA is now officially CliQ (but press release does something stupid)
January 10: Reviews, Etc (giant post-CES edition)
January 10: CES 2011 Situation Room archived
January 10: CES 2011 catch-up-a-thon: GE, Vivitar, Lady Polaroid, memory cards, etc
January 10: AP UK gets Sony to reveal more secrets (A700-replacement and more)
January 10: Olympus XZ1 real-world samples at dpreview
January 10: Imaging Resource interviews Pentax at CES
January 10: Imaging Resource interviews Nikon at CES
January 10: Sony shows 5-inch CLM-V55 external monitor for NEX and Alpha
January 10: PMA changes name to ...CliQ???
January 8: Pre-order alert: Olympus XZ1 ($500), E-PL2 ($600)
January 7: Pentax mirrorless under the right conditions (dpreview interview)
January 7: dpreview at CES: Fuji X100 interview and booth visits
January 7: Sony A700 replacement shown behind glass in Vegas (corrected link) [and NEX lenses] {updated}
January 7: Rumors of Q2 M43rds lenses: Panasonic 12-50mm f2.5-3.3 and three Olympus Pro lenses
January 6: JVC shows high-speed concept camera (JVC GC-PX1)
January 5: Olympus XZ1 is officially announced, previewed and sampled
January 5: Olympus E-PL2 is officially announced (12th M43rds camera so far)
January 5: Olympus announces six new P&S cameras (but drops the Stylus name)
January 5: Sony reveals eleven new Cybershots, plus Bloggies, 3D dual-everything camcorder, and camcorders w/built-in projectors
January 5: Panasonic launches ten shiny silver clones and Viera Tablet
January 5: Samsung has five new cameras (two compact-zooms, three dual-screen) and ten camcorders
January 5: Casio launches five new cameras, headlined by the Tryx and two compact-zooms
January 5: CES 2011 webcasts: Samsung, Panasonic, Sony (8pm NYC time tonight), Polaroid/LadyGaga project 6:30pm NYC time on Thursday
January 5: The CES 2011 Situation Room has just gone live
January 5: Canon launches new camcorders headlined by $2000 XA10 (with 1/3" sensor)
January 5: Canon announces five more A-series eunuchs
January 5: Rumor/speculation: Expect great things from Foveon says Rytterfalk
January 4: Fuji announces a wave of new cameras, starring the HS20EXR and F550/F500EXR
January 4: USA Today buys parent company of
January 4: Fuji X100 Chapter 3: Designers tell their story
January 4: New Kodak Z990 MAX superzoom with 30X optical zoom, 12mp backlit CMOS, RAW, PASM, 1080p
January 4: Kodak announces eight new Easyshare P&S models (3D home printing, and other gear)
January 4: New Samsung SH100 is a "connected" camera (can use smartphone as remote EVF/control/GPS
January 3: Vegas billboards leak Casio Tryx - channeling Coolpix 2500 but more unhinged
January 3: Sony CES 2011 press conference live on UStream (Wedn Jan-5 at 8pm New York time)
January 3: Lexar launches 128GB SDXC memory card for $700
January 3: Reviews Etc (E-5, GF2, 60D, S95, FX700, etc) {Firmware: SD15}
January 3: Samsung launches new left-handed friendly 1080/60i camcorder w/backlit CMOS sensor
January 3: (ALERT: New CPUs have embedded DRM!) Intel launches 29 new CPUs (SandyBridge), early CS4 benchmarks promising [updated]
January 2: Year in Review (Episode #3): Readers' Top 7 DSLR/iLC purchases (at Amazon)
January 2: Speculation: Is Olympus thinking/planning a fixed-lens camera in the X-series?
January 2: Rumor: Nikon mirrorless could be more professional than existing systems
January 2: NatGeo photography inside world's largest cave in Vietnam
January 1: Video Debbie Downers: First RED Epic sold got stolen, Canon T2i/550D 4K hack was a hoax
January 1: Year in Review (Episode #2): Big in Japan (Mirrorless and The Field make gains)
January 1: (EXPIRED) American Photo 1-year print subscription for $3 [max 3-years at this rate] (ends 10pm EST)


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