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January 17, 2011

Blog updates and Browser Market Share (among our readers)

Time for some blog-related updates! First up, we are now considering the possibility of moving to a blog-traditional two-column format, where the main text is on the left, and there is only one big sidebar on the right side of the page. While desktop monitor resolutions have gotten wider and more affordable, an increasing number of people are reading the internets on mobile devices, which according to Google Analytics are about 7% of our visitors and growing - despite the non-mobile friendly format of the main site.

Even if we go to a two-column instead of a three-column format, we may still leave the main column with the text stretchable, so you can fill up the screen no matter how big your screen resolution is. Although with resolutions wider than 1600-pixels the page starts having the "disembodied" effect.

So what do you all think about this? You can leave a comment or use the online contact form. The two column format would be something along the lines of the Camera Deals blog. Since we would have only one sidebar we may add Javascript menus to make it easier to find things quickly, without having to page down a few dozen times.

Browser Wars (among readers the last 30 days)
While checking Analytics above, we also checked the market share of web browsers the last 30 days among our readers and we have some good news for fans of "good" and more secure web browsers! Not only Firefox remains at the #1 spot, but now Safari have moved to the #2 spot, jumping over Internet Exploder!


+ blue = Firefox
+ green = Safari
+ orange = Internet Exploder
+ yellow = Chrome
+ cyan = Opera

On Blog Comments and Spam
A refresher reminder on comments. Please do not include links to shopping websites or shopping search engines. These attract spammers and promoters like bees on honey. Once the spammers/promoters see shopping links in the comments of a blog/website/forum, then they add your site/blog/forum to their "spam list", and the flow of spam increases, especially if these are done by humans who can find ways around the spam filters. Comments with links that can attract spammers will be deleted. If you find a good deal and want to let us know, please use the online contact form or send a direct email. Thanks for understanding this restriction!

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