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January 10, 2011

AP UK gets Sony to reveal more secrets (A700-replacement and more)

Amateur Photographer UK once again has managed to squeeze some future-talk out of company representatives, this time getting Sony representatives to speak on the record. On the A700-replacement soap-opera, AP UK was told to expect a magnesium-alloy APS-C pellicle-mirror with better-EVF DSLR and a 60D-price-range to replace the A700. No word as to whether a "pure DSLR" version would also be available. Sony has so far mirrored pellicle and traditional dSLRs (A55/A33, A580/A560).

On the lens front, a 500mm f4G lens is coming, so be sure to hit the gym if interested ;-) But the most interesting thing notes AP-UK are the many control buttons on the lens body that may also be signalling that Sony might be going all the way with pellicle-mirror cameras, even for their full frame future flagships.

Also coming notes AP UK are a new flash and standard zoom lens.

Perhaps the traditional SLR manufacturers are playing a game of chicken, because the first one to abandon "traditional dSLRs" for good is likely going to get yelled at the most by photographers. Once the first manufacturer takes the yelling, the next one to do it will likely not get yelled at as much, and the third one will likely get yelled at even less, and so forth. And getting "yelled at" also includes people selling everything and switching to another system, which is perhaps the most worrisome part from a manufacturer's perspective.

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