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December 31, 2010

Year in Review (Episode #1): Most Cameras by Manufacturer in 2010

Happy New Year to one and all as 2011 is here or almost here depending on where you are! This is part #1 of a 200-part series, "Year in Review" - 200 is an approximation ;-)

chart showing most digital cameras per manufacturer in 2010

First up, we take a look at how "productive" our manufacturer friends have been. The "flooding the market with nearly identical camera models" strategy increased in popularity this year, as five different manufacturers managed to squeeze out 20+ models each. The biggest surprise perhaps is Fuji since they don't even have DSLRs/iLCs. The trio at #2 through #4 are consumer electronics manufacturers, and needless to say, they specialize in rolling out thousands of different products. Olympus rounds up the top five, but perhaps to their defense, it was the year they (and Sony) switched to SD/SDHC.

chart showing main camera types in 2010

Next up, we look at what type of cameras were announced in 2010. Out of 214 new digital cameras by the major manufacturers, 29 of them were interchangeable lens cameras (DSLRs, RF, mirrorless) and interestingly, the percentage is in the same ballpark as the percentage of DSLRs/iLC cameras shipped based on the CIPA data.

Superzooms continue to increase, they are currently about 20% of all cameras made by the major manufacturers. This is perhaps as the camera manufacturers are making (existentially-driven) adjustments to counter the fact that a lot of consumer electronics these days have one or two fixed-lens cameras. It is perhaps ironic that some smartphones have more cameras (back and front) than an actual camera :)

chart showing number of new cameras in 2010 vs 2009

2010 is blue, 2009 is orange. If you are a fan of 2010, we WON! We beat 2009 by 214-197. It sounds like the score of an NBA all-star game ;-) As you can see, a big burst in January and another in September (Photokina) pushed the number of new cameras in 2010 ahead of 2009.

Footnotes and Reference material
+ The two Ricoh GXR sensor+lens modules of 2010 are counted in "The Rest" category for the purposes of the first chart
+ The two Samsung pre-CES-2011 announcements are not counted in 2010 as they are CES models. If you believe otherwise, add +2 to the Samsung and 2010 totals
+ Digital cameras of 2010
+ Digital cameras of 2009
+ errors and typos are always a possibility

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