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December 20, 2010

Update and trends in the Camera of the Year Readers' Choice vote

The voting for the Camera of the Year - Readers Choice - Category Awards is underway, so be sure to vote if you haven't voted already!

Looking at the results so far, we see some interesting things. Perhaps boosted by the *spoiler alert* very positive review of the K-5 at dpreview, the intensity on the Pentax side is much higher - the poll made the internet rounds to a lot of the Pentax forums around the world, and as a result, the Pentax cameras are doing very well in just about every category in the polls.

In the eternal battle between Canon and Nikon, the D3s has a big lead over the 1DMk4, while the D700 has a small lead over the 5DMk2. Of course if that poll was running at HD-dSLR video-convergence websites, the 5DMk2 would probably have a lead :)

With sixteen mirrorless intechangeable-lens non-camcorder cameras available, the mirrorless poll is a skyscraper. Panasonic, with seven models, has about half of the votes, with the GH2 leading the way, followed by the GF1. The E-PL1 has the most votes among the E-Pens, while the Sony NEX-5 is running very close with the Panasonic GH2 for the #1 spot. The Samsung NX-series total is under 10%.

On the compacts with RAW poll, the Panasonic LX5, Canon S95 and G12 are leading the way with double-digit scores.

The Fuji X100 "honeymoon" continues as the camera has a 70%~ lead in the "Paper Gangstas" poll. But just like every highly-anticipated camera, once it gets released, it will be analyzed with a fine-toothed e-comb!

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