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December 02, 2010

Review Train (Ricoh GXR, Hogan's Mirrorless War, etc)

Time for a brand new edition of the "Review Train"! We start with 4-way mirrorless shootout by Tom Hhogan squaring off the Sony NEX-5, Samsung NX100, Panasonic GF1, and Olympus E-PL1! He also includes a handy lens chart of each system, and the usual reviewalia. He picks winners and losers, but as usual, we won't spill the mirrorless beans here so be sure to check it out if curious.

The Ricoh GXR system was launched around Fauxtokina 2009, and while many gave Ricoh credit/kudos for at least trying to push the envelope forward, its pricing restricted it to a smaller circle of enthusiast/die-hard photographers. With the barrage of mirrorless systems, it further got buried, but today it is getting the spotlight as it is getting a system review at Steve Huff who focuses on the two APS-C prime sensor+lens modules.

The Nikon D7000 is shipping, and that means more units in the hands of more photographers and that means, more hands-on reports! Today's net includes part #2 of the Shutterfinger review, the completion of the review at Focus Numerique (you may have already seen some of its parts as they have been releasing it section by section), and a first look at DCR.

Put door the beer, fill up the coffee pot, detail the good monitor, do some OMs, and start pixel-peeping the Olympus E-5 studio test samples at Imaging Resource. We counted 15 page-downs on a 1080-tall screen. Lots of .ORF RAW samples as well!

Lightning Round
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+ Fuji HS10 review at (via Fred Mutter)
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+ Fuji Real3D W3 at Photo Radar
+ Bowen SFD926 TTL flash at Photography Bay

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