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December 17, 2010

Review Train (Ricoh A12 28mm, Kipon EOS-M43-A, Sony A580, etc)

Time for another mini review round-up! As usual, for lens reviews, be sure to check the lens review nest.

The Ricoh GXR system gets some action today as Photography Blog has posted their review of the GXR A12 28mm sensor-lens + body combination. A12 stands for the good old 12mp APS-C sensor that is glued to a 28mm f2.5 lens. There is only one GXR body so far, and they call it the GXR body :)

The sensor found in the "DxO darlings" has rekindled (Kindle not included) interest in the Sony Alpha A580 DSLR, and the timing is perfect for Fotopolis as they have posted their review (computer translated) of the camera.

Philip Bloom got his hands on the Kipon EOS-to-M43 Aperture-control lens mount adapter and has posted his impressions. The Panasonic AG-AF101 with an L-series lens on it is quite an interesting sight to see :)

Fotopolis continues their opinion series with a new opinion (computer translated) on the Canon 60D.

A guest-review-opinion at Steve Huff Photo calls the Panasonic GF1 the "Leica M9.5". This may not please the Leicaphiles ;-)

Lightning Round
+ Panasonic FX700 at Pocket Lint

+ An Olympus OM film-only winter kit at Zone 10

+ Zoltars and Bodigans and Plastigons! What do all the strange-sounding Zeiss lens names mean? Zeiss explains... :-)
+ Vimeo has launched a free online video school (via PDN)

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