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December 01, 2010

Review Train (Nikon D7000, D3100, Pentax K-5 lab testing, G12 vs P7000 (DxO'ed as well), etc)

Finally time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! For previous installments, check the Reviews category archives. Lens reviews are posted at the Lens Reviews silo.

We start with the review du jour of the Nikon D7000 at dpreview we mentioned earlier on. Dpreview was not the only reviewing the D7000, it also got new reviews at C|NET, PDN Online and, while Art of the Image has posted a short one month after recap.

Meanwhile, the other "DxO darling", the Pentax K-5 gets some lab action as Falk Lumo has published his test report on shutter-induced blur with the Pentax K-5, discussion and summary of the article for the speed-readers on the Lumo blog. There's also a new K-5 review at Japanese website (via Rice High). And a bonus ISO testing series at Le Monde de la Photeaux.

Back to Nikon and a new review is out for the Nikon D3100 at Photography Blog which, as usual, includes full-size real-world JPEG and RAW samples so you can pixel-peep-evaluate with your own setup.

Sony's "Forgotten ones" (Alpha sub-$1000 APS-C DSLRs before the NEX, pellicle-mirror and A580) have a new review, the Alpha A450 gets tested out at the very busy CNet UK.

Mirrorlessness: NX100, GF2, GXR vs NEX-5
The Samsung NX100 is trying to get some attentions out there and it gots some with a new review at CNet UK which was mirrorless-busy as they also published their review of the Panasonic GF2.

And we close with a quick head-to-head of the Ricoh GXR APS-C primes going against the Sony NEX-5 at Steve Huff. Spoiler alert: Leica won :-)

Fixed Lens Cameras
A new chapter is written in the Nikon vs Canon rivalry as Quesabesde has published their Canon G12 vs Nikon P7000 head to head comparison, with both camera body side-by-sides and image samples.

Leica divided! A crisis brews. Leica vs Leica in the streets of New York! The ALC blog street-tests the Leica X1 (APS-C sensor) vs the Leicasonic D-LuX5 (you can even see the LX5 in its name!). Who won? We won't spill the street-fried beans here!

The Coolpix P7000 also got to spend some quality at DxO Labs, with RAW sensor data resulting from the experience :) As usual, you can compare it with any other camera in the DxO database, for example, here are a couple:

+ Nikon P7000 vs Canon G12 vs Panasonic LX3 comparison. LX5 not tested yet
+ P7000 vs Samsung EX1/TL500 vs Canon S95

Lightning Round
+ Panasonic FZ40/FZ45 at CNet UK
+ Sony WX5 at Imaging Resource
+ Samsung PL90 (one of the BF market-share grabbers) at Photography Blog
+ Nikon S5100 at ephtozone
+ Samsung ST1000 at Pocket Links

Gear Reviews
+ Giottos Vitruvian-VGR9254 at Focus Numerique
+ Zoom H4N at PP Mag
+ Lens Baby Composer at DCR [we don't consider Lensbabies "real" lenses that's why it is here instead of the Lens Reviews page]
+ Focus35 Folding Track Dolly at Camera Town

Who's praising us know? [us = cameras, Colbert-style]
+ ALC Readers Choice Awards revealed, three categories: DSLRs, mirrorless and fixed-lens [we won't spoil it here since it may include a surprise winner!]
+ Pocket Lint has five nominees for camera of the year. The Polaroid you see on top is not a nominee, just article-decoration! The nominees may surprise you :)

Firmware updates
+ Fuji HS10/HS11 gets 1.04 - see via IR et al
+ Panasonic FZ100, FX700, FX75/FX70 - see at Imaging Resource and dpreview
+ Ricoh CX4 gets 1.05 - see via IR et al

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