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December 06, 2010

Review Train (Canon 60D, Sony A33, Pentax 645D, K-5, K-r, Nikon D7000, etc)

Time for a new edition of the "Review Train", where the peanuts are made of salt, and the beer is made of green tea ;-) For lens reviews, as usual, check the Lens Reviews ant farm.

We have a very clear theme in this edition - everybody reviews the Canon 60D! That includes DC Resource, Pocket Reviews, and a new opinion of it at Fotopolis. Tired of reading? How about a podcast-review of the 60D at The Digital Story.

Meanwhile, the Nikon D7000 action continues with a 10-minute video preview at Photography Review and a new review at Rosetta Stoned does not yet offer an instant-learning tutorial, so you may find the computer translation of interest :)

The D3100 is now the next review in the DC-Resource pipeline but in the meantime, it has received a new review at Kamera & Bild. Meanwhile, Japanese website DC Watch has tested out the D700 (D700) with the Sigma 85mm f1.4 out and about in nature.

Next up, Focus Numerique has started a studio field report with the Pentax 645D moyen format camera, they have published day #1 so far, while Imaging Resource has a short technical editorial on their Pentax 645D samples.

The 645D, along with the K-5 and K-r have recently been reviewed by French magazine Chasseur D'Image, and Pentax's Ned Bunnell has published english-translated PDF files of the three reviews on his blog but you can probably read them more comfortably by clicking through to Scribd (it's like a YouTube for documents) or downloading the PDFs to your computer or e-reader or tablet.

Staying with Bentax, there are two short reviews of the K-r (K-Rambo) at Info S1ck World and at Pocket Rambo.

Next up, the Sony Alpha A33 gets some new action as it receives a new review at Photography Blog, with full-size JPEG and RAW real-world samples includes for your pixel-peep-evaluations.

Lightning Round
+ Canon G12 at PDN Online Pulse
+ Sony TX9 at Camera Labs
+ Sony T99 at CNet
+ Nikon Coolpix S80 at DC Watch Impress
+ Kodak ESP 7250 printer at Imaging Gear Resource
+ Lowepro Passport Sting at Photo Comment
+ Jag35 Monitor-X Viewfinder at Cametatown
+ PhotoFast G-Monster X Drive USB 3.0 at Photography Bay

The Trouble Repor(t)
+ stains on Pentax K-5 sensor? - via Rice High
+ odd white balance problem with Canon 60D? - at Digital Story

Firmware Updates
+ Casio EX-H20G (GPS model) - see via DC Views et al

Space Oddity
+ The Sigma SD1 teaser at Rytterfalk took a surprising and creative turn

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